Tickets to the Kennedy Space Center – The NASA Center in Cape Canaveral

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Tickets to the Kennedy Space Center – The NASA Center in Cape Canaveral

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Discover a NASA space center from which rockets are launched into space

Visit the diverse exhibits and attractions at the site (including an enormous 360-ft rocket!)

Tour the site by bus to see the Kennedy Space Center launch pads

Possibility to meet veteran astronauts (option)

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* All details will be sent to you upon reservation.


Discover NASA’s most famous space centre, renowned for being the launch site of the first mission that put men on the moon!

Visit the diverse exhibitions themed around the human quest to conquer space, experience a shuttle launch simulator, watch mesmerizing 3D animations and get up close to the famous Atlantis space shuttle! You’ll also benefit from a tour of the base by bus, which includes the different launch sites and the hangar where rockets are built.

Various different rockets are on display at the site, including the biggest model ever constructed: Saturn V (363ft/110m high). This is your chance to walk in the footsteps of Neil Armstrong and the Apollo astronauts. You can even touch a moon rock!
You also have the option of meeting a veteran astronaut for lunch and taking part in a guided tour of the site in a small group. For the ultimate experience, you can choose to undergo astronaut training exercises under the supervision of an expert!


When you book, you will be asked to choose from the following packages:

  • Classic Admission
    Access to all of the Kennedy Space Center attractions, including the exhibitions, shows, bus tour, movies, and more.
  • Space Pass: Admission + Guided Tour + Lunch with an Astronaut
    On top of access to all of the Kennedy Space Center attractions, you’ll also get the opportunity to have lunch with a veteran astronaut, go on a guided tour in a small group, and get special access to the launch pads and rocket hangers
  • Astronaut Pass: Admission + Lunch with an Astronaut
    Lunch with an astronaut - greet, buffet lunch, and question time

Good to know

  • Availability: every day (excluding exceptional dates)
  • Times: open 9am to between 5pm and 8pm, depending on the day/season (please check the closing time upon arrival)
  • Duration: day pass
  • Language: English
  • Location: the Kennedy Space Center is located roughly 50 mins drive to the east of Orlando 
  • To access the park, simply present your voucher at one of the ticket counters located at the entrance
  • You will be asked to indicate a provisional date for your visit when you book, but your pass is not restricted to this date. Your official ticket is non-dated, meaning you can visit the park on the date of your choice (within 6 months of the date you choose upon booking)
  • Comfortable clothing and shoes recommended, especially if you choose the Astronaut Pass
  • Certain installations are not open to visitors, including the rocket construction hangar. Your ticket does however give you access to all buildings and exhibits open to the public

Price includes

  • Admission to the Kennedy Space Center
  • Access to the numerous activities and exhibits at the site
  • Lunch with a veteran astronaut and a guided tour of the base (with the Space Pass option only)
  • A half-day of simulations and training (with the Astronaut Pass only)

Price doesn’t include

  • Transport to the Kennedy Space Center
  • Personal purchases on-site (food, drinks, souvenirs etc.)



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